Finally online! (This time for real :) )


Dear reader

The most of you already know that i was a little bit lazy and that some sad stuff happenend, but i will tell you the whole story soon in ljubljana.

Unfortunately the launch of this project took me longer than expected. There was a call of the wild that led me to exciting places like Heidentor, Externsteine as well as some really lovely forests. There will be at least two other articles concerning Beltane and summer solstice and more, because there is some much to tell! In short: there were some journeys and some sad strokes of fate that restrained me in moving on with “druidfox”.

But thanks to the rainy weather in the last couple of days, i found enough time to fix the biggest blunders on this page and to publicise the first articles (in german). Please be patient, is just started to translate the most recent articles into english.

At the moment i am riding the bus from my place to copenhagen to a special gathering (and i am really happy to meet a very dear friend 😉 i hope you are reading this). This will take around 20 hours… so i guess this will be enough time to copyedit some of my drafts and maybe write one or two new articles.

Please give me some feedback if you encounter some errors on this page, i will try to upload more english stuff. I promise!

Have a great weekend!

Blessed be!


The Fool
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Dear visitors,

this is the first entry on this blog. Like the fool in ‘tarot de marseille’, i myself will start my journy into the uknown. Bitten by the ‘dog of intuition’ and (hopefully) with all the the luck of the madmen, lovers and drunkards.1)thank you Margarita de Angulema

The idea to start this kind of blog is quite old. I had it the first time around 2012, but.. well you know life had it’s own plans.. That’s why it lived for almost 4 years just in my notebooks.

It’s 4 weeks since i am back in germany. I spend a while traveling around europe, finally staying on the canary islands for the winter. I met a lot of inspiring people (maybe it is you reading at the moment? :)) and they all reminded me that i wanted to share my findings.


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1. thank you Margarita de Angulema